Monday, February 13, 2017

Be Thankful For Everything

A man that came in the store for two months and talked to me everyday. Came in last week and gave me a envelope and walked away. When I open the envelope a written message thanking me for my service to him. I felt blessed because this man never looked like he had money to give away. But thinking of some of our conversations was about the blessing comes in different shapes and forms.So I did what was a blessing to me and paid it forward to be a blessing to someone else two different ministries .I love giving is food to the soul. What seem like a normal day to me became a day of alot of different emotion. Because I do not remember every conversation me and this man had but something inspired him to do what he did and I had to do the same thing.He was a blessing to me so I had to be a blessing to some too.
Have a blessed day

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