Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I'm a young at heart lady,who loves cooking and crafting.I work at a grocery store as a deli clerk.Where I meet a lot of people,so interacting with people is my job.Every day is an adventure,I love my job.I had a dream about computers when I was young .So I started some computer classes.One class was computer accounting,met a lot of people some  I still see sometimes.Then I started doing any job I could get that included two jobs at a time.Sometime living on four hours of sleep. Didn't know then that I was looking for something.
I decided to start learning more about online business,started a blog.Reading everything I could include other blogs and websites.Then GOD stepped in an sent me a message about WEALTHY AFFILIATE ,so I put all my time and effort in to learning all the things i needed to build me an online business.Cooking is my way to enjoy and feel good about  my self.Life is too short,so I try new things to help me grow inside and out.Everyday i learn something new and it make me feel blessed.Everyday I'm grateful to wake up.

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